I am very interested in learning synthesis and composing berlin school and psychedelic stuff. I am planning to purchase microbrute very soon to see if I am up to the task. I tried several years ago to enter computer music but I was quickly bored with mouse clicking in front of my monitor. Recently I discovered the re emergence of analogue synths and hoping to jump to modulars if I am successfull in creating soundscapes with microbrute which is considered by many a good entrance to analogue synths for beginners.

I have already been looking to modulars and if money and soul permits I would like to get started with a simple modular rack. Please have a look and give me your thought about alternative modules. Remember I am just starting... At this stage, after microbrute, I wouldn't like to spent more than 1000 euros.

Thank you all and have a great new year!

Here is the rack, I thought would be ok for a beginning.
ModularGrid Rack

Greetings! I am a fellow noob, so don't take anything I say too seriously

I'm assuming you will be playing this from your MicroBrute.

OK, so it looks like you have two basic voices setup, with the standard VCO / VCF / ADSR / VCA. So far, so good. Suggestions:

Add some variety? Perhaps:
* Trade out one of the A-110s for the oh-so-trendy A-110-4 Thru Zero Quadrature VCO (which should be out this year)
* Trade one of the A-147s for a A-143-9 Voltage Controlled Quadrature LFO/VCO (which I think is a great value)
* Add some noise: A-118 Noise / Random

It looks like the MicroBrute has a fairly powerful internal sequencer, but may I suggest adding more sequencer?
* Use the A-118 as your random source.
* Sample gate/pitch from random with A-148 Dual Sample&Hold
* Gate sample drives an A-142-1 Voltage Controlled Decay/Gate for a random-length gate.
* Pitch Sample drives oscillator pitch
* NOOB alert -- I haven't actually done this, so extra glue may be required to get this to work!!!

* You probably want to reserve some space for utilities like the A-183-1 Dual Attenuator, or the A-183-2 Offset-Generator
* Even if you use stackable cables, you may still wind up needing a buffered multiple like the A-185-2 Precision CV Adder

There. I've used up all of your rack space, and blown your budget. You're welcome

PS: Have you seen this module?
EURO Brute -- MiniBrute Expander
I have no idea if this actually exists, but it looks cool.