The intellijel Metropolis is quite fun to use.
Despite some of the problems i am having as indicated below, it's special programming method allows the user to come up with quite unique sequences.
However, i need to point out three things which i am not too happy about.

The first is the delayed CV output in comparison to the Gate output. This creates problem on some devices and especially with cv/gate-to-midi converters. I wrote to Intellijel about this and here is the reply i got from them.
'On the Metropolis we gave the maximum timing priority to the gate output. e.g. when you trigger it with a clock, the corresponding gate will always fire immediately. There might be a tiny latency with the CV output since it is generated by a DAC and it is slower to write commands to it. We never tested the Metropolis to be used with something like the Doepfer A192-2. In the future we may make a version of the metropolis that has midi. I will have a look at our firmware to see if there is something I can adjust. In the meantime if you have some way to introduce a small delay to the Metropolis gate output then you might be able to solve the problem.'
So i designed a small delay for the gate with a simple attack envelope circuit. That pretty much solves the problem except when a slide is converted to midi. If midi option is implemented internally then maybe intellijel could find a solution for the slide in midi as well. (maybe with the pitch wheel CC)

The second problem is not having the ability to start the sequence from a desired position. You should keep in mind that you have to mess around a bit to come up with something good. I would consider this to be the proper method of programming this sequencer just as it is so for the tb303 as well. The problem is that, when you come up with something nice, the sequence is most of the time shifted meaning it will not be starting from a correct point. Since it is not possible to easily shift a sequence you come up with (after messing around) to start it from the desired point, the only feasible way is to have the sequencer start from a desired position. This could easily be implemented in the firmware. This same problem applied to the original tb-303 firmware as well but if you install the social entropy's quicksilver 303 cpu add-on, you can shift a sequence on the 303 so that it can start from the correct point.

The third problem is the lack of an option for Hz/V output format for note cv. The only way to connect the metropolis to a Hz/V device is with an external V/oct to Hz/V converter. I think this should be implemented in the firmware.

Besides these problems it is a great sequencer.

Here is a link to my 'Portable custom modular sequencer with Intellijel Metropolis'

Also here is a link for my problem and my solution at gearslutz forum 'gate delay as attack envelope circuit'