Hi Guys, My name is Ezequiel I'm from Argentina.
I'm thinking of putting together my first Eurorack system and I need help Because I'm a virgin in Eurorack terms and there are so many options.
I have a lot of Vintage Synth and Drum machines:
Yamaha Cs60, Prophet 5, Juno 106, Arp avatar, MS20, Sh101, Tr909 and Linn drum... so What I'm looking for with this is to find new sounds far away from the classic analog sounds and classical routing of vintage synths and new interfaces to improvise.
This is my first idea for my Eurorack is pretty expensive for my but is OK:


As a rookie in this My question is if I'm forgetting something substantial such as VCA, POWER SUPPY, MIXER, ETC
and also any suggestions are welcome

Thanks a a lot for you help!!

You're definitely going to have to rethink this. You need some basics such as mixing, VCAs, filtering, etc. You also have too many trigger sequencers.

Thanks a lot for the answer. Sorry bother you again but as you notice I'm really lost. Bu t I made many changes.
I put A 135 doepfer for mixer and vca.
I think the system as 2 Rows one for synths sounds (far away the classics analogue) and row 2 for drums and sampler player.

What you think about this? is more consistent:
ModularGrid Rack

Thanks again

Hi, I think at the very least, you will need an output to carry the audio signal out to your system/headphones to get sound.

Maybe something like this for your mixer to go into:

I started by building a basic synth voice e.g vco vcf vca env lfo,and expanded from that.
You have no way to sequence notes with what you just posted,consider a midi to cv and maybe switch out the trigger riot for a z8000 or a René.
Also what blender said an output is needed and what exper said still too many triggers
Build up a basic system slowly and get a feel for how things work together and avoid disappointment
If you have an iPad try zMors modular app it may help and doesn't cost the earth (like what you have planned)

Thanks a lot! I'm going to download the application to see if it helps me.
Here's a few changes: