I am sure some of you planned or going to build its own modular/semi-modular ultimate drum machine!

There is my idea. I have already bought the case, DC1 Drumcomputer, BD909, BD808, HH909, CB808 and Mutant Clap

..what would you add more on my place? Or general ideas?
My only concern is kicks. I will be limited with 808 and 909 as I also want fast attack zappy kicks sometimes. For this Cwejman BLD is the best. But it is quite big and expensive. Also MI Peaks is a smal and cheap solution, but I prefer analogue a bit more over digital).
I also can tweak such kicks on my Doepfer basic system, but I want all in the drum machine :)
One more drum sequencer (max 8HP) for tribal beats is also in the wishlist (like NE Zularic Repetitor)

P.S. I also put radio module as bonus for experiments with mutant clap as VCA/ENV (anyway I have Dopefer System and AS Vostok also to patch the radio module there. One of the options for experimental side is Jupiter Storm with or without G.Moons ENV/VCA, but they take so much money and space...Yes. I need to limit myself to 104 HP not to expand further and concentrate on music :))