i currently have my qnexus hooked up to my atlantis eurorack modualr

i have the patched to 1 volt per ocatave . if i just hit a note i get nothing but if i cycle the envelope in a loop
i get different pitches on the keyboard.

how can i just play without cycling the envolope?

any help is appreciated.

Did you connect the Gate Out from the Qunexus to Gate on the Atlantis?
If that didn't work, did you try to connect Gate Out from the Qunexus to Trig on the Atlantis?

thank you for the help.
I actually got it . was not using the proper trs cables / y cable configuration.
should be stereo out of q nexus cv - split to 2 mono's one to 1vpo and one to gate.
now i have pitch tracking .

my only issue now. is that if i disconnect the controller all together
and use the gate button on the atlantis i can use the envelope no problem . but when i attach the qunexus
i can track pitching but it seems to bypass the envelope. im sure i am missing a connection here.

any help is appreciated hope this helps someone else.