Bought modules from @Denev @ChrisDaBreak and another one from @loopspool
Happy to report quick and issue free transactions.

Sold a module to @Selten, smooth transaction, nice contact :)!

@aze_007 bought my Tiptop Audio Z4000NS envelope generator. Great communication and super quick payment. Many thanks.
-- Tinaxe106

I enjoyed buying from Tinaxe106, good communication and fast shipment. Recommended. And thanks.

Thanks to @restlessboy and @Oblique_Noir for the modules I bought. Great communication and quick dispatch.

Since my last post I bought modules from @100000bps, @tonito, @Slocap and @LiquidYzer (sorry man but I can't tag you properly).
Everything went smooth, no problems at all.
I also bought a Monsoon from @PinPinKula, communications could be faster but the module safely arrived and it's a flawless build.

bought a mangrove from @notwaving
smooth and perfect transaction!

Thank you @yari! Great seller! Happy dealing with you!

Bought a dervish fx from @AThousandDetails. Very nice contact, secure shipping, thanks m8 :)!

Bought a Zvex Instant Lo-Fi Junky from @kwantor - he was very friendly, shipped the module fast, packaged it super-well and the module was in a mint condition. Thanks!

Easy transaction with @Virgil with accurate description, quick delivery (DE to UK) and a very nicely built NLC Splosh module. Recommend this seller.

Recently bought a Intellijel Performance case from @t0b1 and he was really easy to deal with organising payment and delivery to UK. I can recommend this seller.

I recently bought 2 x Intellijel 1U Buff Mults from Chris_Da_Break and he was really easy to deal with organising payment and delivery to UK. I can recommend this seller.

@wtkdwc recomended seller, fast shipping etc. everything as described so thanks again, Michaela !

Recently got modules from @yrn1 and @atomtwist.
Everything ok, flawless transactions and prompt shipments.

Got the modules from @RazzoRocket & @yrn1 a little while ago. Seamless transactions & quick to dispatch. Thanks!

First class service from @KitKatAndy. Fair price, module exactly as described and delivered within 2 days. Thanks a lot my friend and hope to be dealing with you again.

Thank you @MarcoMula. Very polite and fast!

I recommend @oliodnb wholeheartedly. Realistic bidding, fast communication. Good buyer!

Really pleasent transaction buying the uScale v2 from @cityz3n . Highly recommend this guy to buy from. Wish there was a better feedback system on here for stuff like this. Thanks! :)

I recommend @oliodnb wholeheartedly. Realistic bidding, fast communication. Good buyer!
-- DT_Indus

And I can defineitely recommend @DT_Indus as well, we had some problem with the shipment and he's been very helpful trying to sort everything out. Thanks man!

@Petmodule Super nice seller, everything was smooth and easy. Thanks again!

Just bought something from @sebastopol and everything is fine.

Recently purchased Radio Music from @templar arrived super quickly, great packaging, and perfect condition.

Somehow I totally missed this here and only ever used the "thumbs up" feature. So belated props for the following sellers that I had a great experience with in the last months:
@A.S. (very thoughtful packaging)
@patr (super fast and nice)
@kosmixx (great!)
@EkoC (was really great and helpful)
@zfrucht (kickstarted DIY for me)
@wavecircle (nice and understanding)

I guess I miss a whole bunch more from which I already deleted messages, but will try and post here too if I meet more great sellers like these.

I just got me a Vulcan Modulator from @onito974 and an A-160-2 from @atomtwist
Good modules, smooth transactions. Both trustworthy sellers.

Buying something from @tron23 was super nice! :)

@bots : very good trader. Forget to include a cable. Immediately sent afterwards. Thanx.

Top class feedback for @specificobjects who shipped rapidly and was super helpful with my noob questions.

I bought ALM Pamela's New Workout from @onito974 and Doepfer A-116 from @symbiosis - both modules were shipped the next day and are in absolutely perfect condition, communication also worked very well.
Both highly recommended sellers, thank you!

Bought modules from @Halfgeleider @x2mirko @hirnlego and @duda within the last few months. Smooth transactions all around. :)

Got my second Mixup from @jmeng, everything went smooth and the shipment took less than from most shops. Thanks man!