I'm not sure if you're open to suggestions, but it'd be cool if there was a way to follow other users' MG accounts and see what they're doing with their public racks. Maybe your friends' activity logs could show up in a feed module on your personal homepage.

Thanks for the wonderful service!

Ha, like social media? Not a bad idea actually. I'd like a way to actually search for users in an easier way. The problem is, many users have private racks, so you can't actually see what's going on any way.

The Facebook of Modulars!
In general I like the idea but in the past most attempts to get more user interaction were not so successful.

I replaced the original module comment section nobody used with the forum which is hardly used either.
I removed the general user activity feed from the homepage for privacy and performance reasons.
Nobody recognized this, nobody complained.
We had even a live chat at some time ...

I am not sure which benefits user get from a friend following function. I think only follow friends would not be enough, but a modular user timeline might be a little silly?

I'd like a way to actually search for users in an easier way.
-- exper

Besides a little bit hidden this works pretty fine for me?

I actually think @ym2612's idea is pretty good and different from that implemented in the past.

The use case I believe he describes is more of a bookmarking/RSS one. I'd like the option to fave/follow a user and specific racks. Not for "socializing", but to be updated by what I consider to be interesting or inspiring racks.

@mt3 I see. So this might come ...

I think this is a good idea. Even just to look at someone's modular rig can be inspiring and with the addition of messaging and youtube you can see how they use it. For those of us into home brew modules it can also be good as a form of springboard into building custom modules for those that are interested.