Hi there!

This is my first case and the one I use now:


I'm looking to build a second case with a 7U 84HP configuration and I'm thinking of something like this:


First, I'd like to note that I'm trying to keep things musical here and that's the main purpose of my modular setup, but I don't know if I'm going too conservative here and I'd like to hear suggestions on other modules that could allow me explore other areas and expand my creative tools while keeping things musical and, also important to me, an "East Coast" approach. There are some modules there I don't have any doubts about like the Atlantis and the Mutable Instruments stuff; also, I love my Eowave stuff on the lunchbox case, so that's why I keep adding of those for this one; but I don't really know about the need for others like the uJack (I can live with minijack to jack headphone converters) a new analogue osc (Eowave Titan) or the need for two mixers ... Soooo ... please help!!

Thanks :)