ModularGrid is targeted by a bot network. Hold tight, we are working on an improvement to the situation.
Until then I recommend to not buy the advertised forged passports. The won't get you into Berghain either.

Yuppers...definitely bots. When you're refreshing the Forums window every 15 seconds and 2-3 more pop up, and the bandwidth of the site is so choked that it's halfway to being like a DDos, that's the only possible conclusion. Captcha time, I think...

We have now a reCAPTCHA on the most important sections. I hope it is working and unobtrusive enough.
Report if you are wrongly flagged as a bot ...

Seems that this reCaptcha3 likes to block everyone but not the bots ... sigh.

It did slow them way down, though. I saw this after they apparently gave up last night, and they'd been reduced from several posts per minute to about one per minute, and when I hit the site they'd seemingly given up about ten minutes previously. So, it might not be blocking them but it appears to be discouraging their efforts.

Yes, a lot of spam was captured, sadly some valid posts, too. Today I have deployed a new update which hopefully improves the situation a bit more. I don't let the spammers win!

Haven't had any problems yet

All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed. added lots of chinese spam posts which I deleted manually.

All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.

Thanks, a lot of spam is already captured automatically. Maybe I should do an update, that new users cannot instantly post in threads ... ?

What's the prerequisite? There are a few posts here and there with SPAM. Should I continue deleting or should I post the user here? I can't stand these posts, so I'm inclined to delete them when I see them.

All rights reserved, all wrongs reversed.

update: new users cannot create threads. They still can post to existing threads but these post will have to go through moderation if they are suspicious.