Anyone know what modules they were using - outside of Braids, Yarns, and the Cirqlon sequencers, which have been widely know? What ELSE did they use?

While they where setting up at the venue where I work I noticed a solid amount of Analogue Systems, a Shapeshifter, a Rubicon and more Intellijel gear. It was a short glimpse but aside from the stuff you mention that's what I remember.

VERY COOL So the drums - Analogue Systems?

Ah no, i remember spotting quite a bit of tiptop drums as well.

More info here, if you don't mind them making a stab at modular synth forums ;)

-M.I. Yarns
-M.I. Braids
-M.I. Ripples
-4x Intellijel Dixies (with expander)
-Intellijel Quadra
-2x Intellijel Double ADSR
-Intellijel Korgasmatron
-Intellijel Planar
-Intellijel Cyclebox II (with expander)
-Intellijel Linix
-Intellijel Rubicon
-Intellijel uVCF
-Delptronics LDB-1e
-Make Noise Echophon

So the drums - Tiptop or LDB?

And from the tape strip on the mixer - it appears that the bass is the Rubicon (Ruby Bass?) - and I love the bass sound they get. Anyone confirm that that's what we're hearing most of the time? It's fat - without overpowering the mix - at the same time.