Just looking for a small eurorack modular to hook up with my microbrute as well as my beatstep. I Chose the yards module for its ability to use alternative tunings, translating the beatstep's midi notes to new (user) tuned CV. I have a fairly good grasp on synthesis but have never actually built a modular. Should I just buy a proper semi-modular (as opposed to the lacking microbrute matrix) or just get my feet wet with this basic set-up? Thats if I a have done it correctly? As microtonality and retuning is important to me could I just buy the yards module and possibly maybe a mother-32 (instead of plaits + VCA's, filters, lfo etc.) to get the same functionality and for a lesser price?

Basic Modular

Actually, you managed to nail the architecture as best as you could in this tiny a space, which is pretty impressive. However, if you plan to use this with a Beatstep, you might also look at Expert Sleepers' FH-2. This will need a 4 hp expander for 5-pin MIDI use...but if you went with a Beatstep Pro, then you could directly link to the FH-2 via USB, freeing up 4 hp for other uses. The FH-2 uses standard Scala format scale tables for microtunings, and offers a bit more freedom in configuration as the eight outputs are user-configurable. Plus, since it has four inputs for CV or gate, you can get the modular to "talk back" to the BSP depending on how the FH-2's been configured.

A better idea, though, would not only be to use the FH-2 instead of the Yarns, but to move up a bit more in size. An Intellijel 4U x 104 hp cab would not only let you use more than double the present 3U space for standard modules, you'd also have the 1U Intellijel-format tile row in which some other basic functions can be placed, such as I/O, a basic mixer, noise + S&H, mults and so on. The form factor would work nicely with the BSP if you went that route, also. Plus, you can put a 1U Zeroscope in that row, which has a tuner that displays in Hz...which, if you're doing tuning-critical stuff, would be majorly useful!

Haha yes I was trying to cram in all the bare essentials, much to my own detriment in terms of space for future modules/upgrades. I checked out the FH-2, seems perfect for my needs as I use scala a lot! Plus you're right, having the 1U intellijel format is a idea so ill go for the 4U x 104 hp cab. Thanks for all the help!

Yeah, if you're a routine user of Scala, you'll really like the FH-2. Plus, since it understands USB hubs, you can have both a controller and computer connected via that so that you can have your performance setup intact without having to yank everything to "blow" new Scala tables into the FH-2. And since you're going bigger, you might also look at Expert Sleepers' Disting...sort of a Swiss army knife of DSP-type functions hiding behind a 4 hp faceplate.