I've wanted to build a modular synthesizer for years, but I think now's the time. I want to build something small and inexpensive (~$2000), but one that will keep me entertained and diving into new sounds while not updating it for a matter of months while at college. I have a general idea of how to go about it (I think), different sounds and artists I'd like to emulate, and modules I find really interesting, such as:
Mannequins - Just Friends
ALM - Akemie's Taiko, Akemie's Castle
Qu-Bit - Nebulae V2, Chance
Pittsburgh - Primary Oscillator
Malekko - Varigate 4+, 8+

I want to pair it to Earthquaker Devices's Avalanche Run because I love how that pedal sounds, but that's besides the point. Here are the modules I selected considering what I find interesting and what I think will keep me interested for a long time without updating it:

Feedback? I'm a noob and I want the maximum potential out of my small system, so please give me feedback.