Hi there.

If you want Moog to finally mass produce the Subharmonicon, or get another manufacturer to clone it (I will provide my Subharmonicon for reference), please consider signing this online petition. Within 24 hours I already got one of the big synth YouTubers to sign and support it. Which really helps. But if you want the Subharmonicon, we need more people to sign it!

As a participant of the Moogfest 2018 I was one of the lucky 120 who got their hands on a Subharmonicon. But after reading countless comments online of people hoping this machine going into production, I decided to start this petition.

So please be so kind to consider signing it as well and sharing it within your social network.



I don't know if your petition helped, but....

Inscrumental music for prickly pears.

Petitions do help...some. But to really get things done, you need to show companies that there's a potential PROFIT in making these things. My suggestion is that if you have a good working relationship with a music retailer that's sizable in its field (like Perfect Circuit or Schneider's for modular, or Thomann or Sweetwater in general), get THEM to bug the manufacturers. Signatures are signatures, and work if a company pays grassroots attention. But RETAILERS making noise = $$$$ in their mindset.

Frankly, I'd like to see Moog get the Spectravox flying in a retail version. It make sense; Moog was a pioneer here as well, with the assistance of Harald Bode, and having one of their vocoders in an AFFORDABLE (ie: not $5,000) version would be very cool.