Hi folks,
This is my current rack:


(ALM - Pamela's New workout / Xaoss - Batumi / Noise Engineering - Lapsus Os / Make Noise - Contour / STO / Make Noise - Dynamix / Make Noise - Rosie / Mutable Instruments - Links)
This all combined with a MiniBrute 2S

On my shortlist: Make Noise Maths, Mutable Instruments Kinks

I think modulation motion is covered for now by Contour, Dynamix and a lot of LFO's (Batumi / Pamela's new Workout / MiniBrute 2S / and the expected Maths).
I try to find a new module every month, and my current idea is to increase melodic motion.

Any suggestions ?
I am especially searching for 'golden couples', modules which work very good together with the ones I have (in the middle row).

There are 2 points I am thinking about:

I saw Lugia talking about the TipTop Audio - Fold Processor, and because I have no serieus filters at the moment in the rack, maybe this is a good opportunity to shape my first voice from the RackBrute.
The second voice I regelary use to sync the STO.

""Another thing is I am thinking about is to put a 2nd dynamix in the mix and use it to 'shape' the stream to the sync (of the STO) to 2 different syles after each other. But maybe there is another module doing something like that ?""
--Need to rethink this point--

But then still I would like to go further on the melodic part ..
Any suggestions ? Or feedback about my plans , or about my current rack?

Till now, my idea is the following rack, (the second row are the modules I want to buy in addition to the existing first row, Make Noise - Maths / TipTop - Fold processor / Make Noise - Dynamix (a second one) / Mutable Instruments - Kinks ):

(I also forgot the Doepfer Sequential Switch wich is in the front row because I also ordered it, so I think I also will look to the switched multiple. but both are not visible, I can not refresh the screenshot.)

and for the longer run the next rack I have in mind :
(3th row are the new modules for this version)


The Tiptop Fold is definitely something to consider, but I'd be more inclined to use it on the modules since the MB2 already has its own waveshaping via the "Brute Factor" control. One thing you might seriously think about, though, would be something more potent as a second VCO to tandem with the STO. Not only would this give you the ability to create nice, thick, detuned sounds between the two VCOs, you can use the dual inputs of the Fold as a de facto mixer, bringing them directly into the waveshaper. My suggestion would be to look at the Doepfer A-110-6, as this would also add thru-zero FM possibilities and the modulated timbral capabilities that brings. Or for around the same price, you could even go with the VOID Gravitational Waves, which would put something more West Coast-ish in with a complex VCO to team with the STO.

Ha that is a nice suggestion I think the Fold processor is (from now) on my shortlist.
At the moment I mainly use the MB 2S as seperate VCO/LFO couples, direct outing the waves(etc) to my rack.
Sometimes I use the pitch from the buttons, and gate and vca / attenuators also direct.
I did not use the sequencer yet, so I have some learning curve there, and also I need to find out if I can output the voices further in the stream, where the Brute Force is used. For now I can use the direct VCO effect like metalize, but not yet the Brute Force.

But all those options ))
I now really need to think about the VCO part, I really liked the MI Plaits and also the Int. Dixie II +.
(I already had added the dixie II+ to the 3th phase of my rack.)
But Now I have the 110-6 and VOID Gr. as alternatives..
Did not know Modular was so diffucult :)
Dixie has Sub, Void Gr. is really Dual, and Plaits is more chord-ish (with some cloud effects etc).
So I need to finetune some direction for my rack I think.

For now I think TA - Fold Proc. and MI - Kinks are the next 2 purchases, that are the save ones for now.
Maths have to wait for the third row I think (at the moment in fact I only have 2 rows, but I will get another row in June I think).

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Tiptop Fold has a suboctave divider; you can get up to four octaves down from your initial pitch with that. That would kind of disqualify the DixieII+, since you'd be duplicating a function with it that's better-implemented in the Fold. Instead, try and aim for adding more modulation possibilities with the VCO choices while maintaining cost-effectiveness. That Doepfer A-110-6, for example, is $21 more than the DixieII+...but it gives you quadrature outputs both as a VCO and LFO, has thru-zero FM capability, plus both linear and exponential FM. This makes it useful as a modulation source in LFO mode, and as an audio VCO with some very strange FM capabilities. Sounds like something worth $21 to me!

Ok, that is 1 down .. the Dixie II+ is now disappearing from my path tot my 3th gen Rack, (maybe there will ever be a 4th gen, we will see then again with the Dixie III ++ maybe), still need to upgrade the newer racks.

I will try to dig up some video's with the A-1110-6..

What is your take on the MI Plaits? I really liked the demo of that sweet thing .. How would you compare that to the A-110-6 ?

Totally different...the A-110-6 is an analog VCO/LFO with the appropriate circuitry for TZFM and quadrature outputs, while the Plaits is a microprocessor-based digital oscillator with several very useful synthesis methods. While it might seem that that might not be a "proper match", the fact is that the A-110-6 is one of the analog VCOs that has the timbral complexity potential to hold its own against the Plaits when in use as a VCO, and has ample quadrature-phased waveform outputs for LFO use that can make the Plaits go morphing-bonkers when using the A-110-6 in that mode.

Which brings up another point: when looking at modules, always also look at how certain modules can synergize with each other. In this case, you could opt for two different sets of possible uses, both with some major sonic plusses to them...but if there's two that are obvious enough on the surface, there's apt to be MUCH more lurking there, waiting to be discovered once they're in a cab.

Ha thanks, I think I got my final idea for that part :
My current idea is that first of all I will go for the Fold Processor, then the Doepfer A-110-6, and keep Plaits as an option if (or when) there is budget enough for it. Better to have that with good partner modules in the house.

My next point of interest is sequencers (thinking of that in a broad way). I have the MiniBrute 2S (and also the Keystep) but I also want something in the rack itself, I will receive the sequential switch (doepfer version) soon, but there are also some options I like to consider:
I like the doepfer A-155 because it looks really easy to use.
But besides the size , I think I miss one important option, a kind of 'end of loop' mechanisn/output.
I think in functionality the Varigate 4+ is a very good one, but I think it is really a little harder to use because you use the same sliders for different settings, and that makes that it has a less good overview, and also this looks more difficult for live performances.
I think the voltage block has a better overview, but it is also big and I think it takes a little too much out of my budget for the kind of module it is.

MI Stages is not a real sequencer I think, but it comes close in my eyes and it is easy expandable, to have more stages or other kind of sequencer like modules connected. So it is very fexible in my eyes.

Then I like the Pittsburg Lifeforms Micro Sequence, it looks like a good mixture of value for the bucks and easy to use,. bnt in a small package.
Anyone a thought or 2 on this subject ?

Plaits is the next generation of Braids. I own the Braids module. The Plaits has more possibilities, but the Braids at least has a crude screen for menu diving. However the Braids is higher in fidelity and has more options.

Plaits/Braids are great when you want a sound quickly without a lot of patching and tweaking. If you're short on kit, then they have some great options. Braids can quantize your CV for you as well as apply its own attack/decay if you wish. If you get the micro-version, it's pretty handy to keep around for that extra voice to add some depth to your patch (like a counter melody or some background funky-ness). But 99% of the time, it's not my go-to module as it lacks a lot of features you'll find on a traditional oscillator.

Thx Ronin..
For now I ordered the Fold Proc., first I have to research what that brought me when I got that module.
But when I want to add another voice I will keep your words in mind.

I received the Fold Processor, and tested it in a first try out session. I really think this gave my rack a great boost, that was a very good suggestion from Lugia.