I am a noob here at MG and I am just getting started building my rack of modules that I am building as DIY projects. I have assembled a collection of modules that I have purchased PCBs for.

I added this module to the library since it wasn't in there. But for some reason the image does not appear correctly when I add it to my rack. The image is from the MuffWiggler thread introducing it and appears to be properly cropped and appears fine in the module overview but when added to my rack part of the sides are cut off and it is stretched over the 20HP. I don't see any other explanation about the image format requirements other than what's on the entry page.

If someone can fix it or tell me what I need to do to correct it, it would be most appreciated.


Ah, sorry folks!

The image does appear correctly when viewed on my computer. It's only messed up when I look at it on my phone. Not sure why.