I’m new to modular and planning my first Eurorack. My goal is a system suited for ambient/generative music. I have watched the Youtube videos and read the exellent book Patch&Tweak but I need advices.
My base is an Arturia Minibrute 2S that I will extend with a Eurorack.
What I plan is this rack:
ModularGrid Rack
Now I need to know if this can be a good beginning.
What modules can I skip and what others do I need?
I would be very grateful for some help.
Kind regards,
Jan Melin

First up, your build's got some problems. That A-135-1 is outside the span of the rails. Plus, if this is a 3U Rackbrute cab, you need to put the Arturia power supply in there because you'll lose 5 hp from that necessary module.

Once those are corrected, my first suggestion would be to move to a 6U Rackbrute, at least while you're sorting out things on MG. Not only is it a good idea to "build big" then pare things down, generative music tends to require quite a bit more than you have here. For example, there's NO modulation sources here (Disting notwithstanding)...and modulation sources are essential to creating the internal variation that generative composition requires to sound effective. I also don't see anything that would deal with variations in timing, such as trigger/gate delays, logic, randomization. There's no random signal source (also pretty necessary in generative music).

My suggestion, ultimately, is that you should probably try and explore generative patch architecture before you jump into the cash outlay on a physical modular. If you haven't already, download a copy of VCV Rack (at https://vcvrack.com/) and load it up with all the free module packs. Then start in there...NOT with a physical device, at least, not until you've got a clearer picture of what a self-regulating generative patch requires in terms of hardware to make it work. Trying to create something of this sort without some adequate research will probably only result in an expensive device that generates more frustration than music. Then bring what you've learned back over to MG, whip up a 6U Rackbrute, and start.

Thank you very much for taking your time helping me.
I will carefully evaluate your suggestions.
I thought that the Minibrute 2s provided both modulation sources and some kind of randomnes to start with.
The idea with Disting is to test all the different algoritms and than decide what kind of dedicated modules I need.

Marbles does a lot of this on its own.

ModularGrid Rack
Now I have made some modifications on my Generative/Ambient rack.
I really want chords (Harmonaig) so I have added two VCO to Minibrutes two.
Hope that Maths and A-148 gives the randomnes.

Kudos for the first attempt. I just got my copy of Patch & Tweak today. The shrink wrap is still on it. I'm going to read it cover to cover. I think you definitely want to do that too.

Lugia suggested more time in VCV Rack. I second that. You're about to spend thousands of dollars on gear and judging by your first attempt, you're not going to be all that satisfied. That's not a judgment or criticism of you, just how much value I can see you getting from what you're going to spend in time and money.

When in VCV rack, learn how to use the Clouds module. It's popular for creating ambiences. Is it necessary? No. But it's great for creating very interesting and evolving timbres. While in VCV rack, you might want to look at modules that are logic based. You can find pure logic modules (AND, OR, NOR, NAND, etc) and there are modules with logic as a function like the Rampage by Befaco. Hardware sequencers, even though you have one in the Brute, are very handy for controlling CV and gates for more than note pitch and triggering volume envelopes.

The bottom line is that I'm thinking you need a little more experience and knowledge before spending your hard earned money on Eurorack. I have only one module that's been pulled out and put away costing me $160US. There's another module that I rarely use that cost me $184. So I'm out $350 and consider myself lucky. I studied a lot of modules and spent a lot of time in VCV Rack, and ordered everything in stages. Along the way I made TONS of revisions after using the modules and gaining more experience.

Hope there's some useful advice above and I sincerely hope you get a system that meets and exceeds your needs. Keep posting and don't get discouraged. A few more revisions and you'll have something tasty sketched out.

Thanks for your advice that seems to be very helpful.
I have spent some time with Patch&Tweak but there is a lot I do not really understand.
Tomorrow I go to Berlin and Superbooth for inspiration :-)
Hope to get some ideas.
What would be your advice for my Minibrute 2s rack if you only can chose 4 or 5 modules to start with?

It's hard to give advice as to what to get as an essential module. That's going to depend mostly on what you want to do with your set-up.

But let's look at the Minibrute. It has a sequencer, envelopes, filters, oscillators. However, it's lacking in effects. Effects aren't as sexy as an uber-VCO. But they are the most underrated part of synth sound design. The Koma Field Kit FX would be the first thing I look at. I don't own one. But if I had a MiniBrute, it's looks like a great pairing for under 300Euros.

It's a standalone box and won't eat into your Eurorack case. Plus you'll get use out of it beyond your basic set-up. You can still add other effects like a Clouds, dedicated reverb, high-end delays, etc. to your actual case and they will all integrate together.

The next modules I would purchase would be some multi-function modules. Think of them as a tasting flight for dedicated modules. The Ornaments & Crime and Temps Utile are my two favorites. Between the two, you get a TON of useful features for additional sequencing, envelopes, quantizing, Euclidean patterns, clock multiplying/dividing, LFOs, etc. You can also add an Expert Sleepers Disting for under 200Euros. The Disting has a lot of features but can be maddening to work with the interface.
The O&C, T_U, and Disting sum up to 18 Eurorack spaces... so they are going to fit into almost any starter system.

Maths or the Befaco Rampage are great. At a minimum they bother offer two slew limiters. But they both can do so much more. However either module takes up quite a bit of HP for their functionality.

I own Ornaments & Crime, Temps Utile, Maths, a clone of Clouds (the Monsoon), and the Disting just for reference.

Thanks. Now I think I understand more and more. My goal is a system suited for ambient/generative music and I guess it can be hard to fix that with only a few modules. But I have to start slowly as you recomended in your previous post. Maybe I have to learn the Minibrute in depht before I even start building the rack?

Maybe I have to learn the Minibrute in depth before I even start building the rack?

Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. :)

The more you can get out of the MiniBrute (as far as knowledge), the better shape you'll be in when selecting and incorporating external modules. You can also think of it this way as well: the money you'd spend now and regret can be added to what you'd spend upgrading your set-up along the way. So a budget of $2000 today might be $3000 a six months/a year from now when you have more knowledge and developed some preferences. Don't be afraid to get into Eurorack. But temper your enthusiasm to avoid costly, early mistakes.

Edit: the Koma is nice... you can also add another semi-modular synth like a Behringer Neutron for like $300 and use its features as a Eurorack toolkit... extra ADSRs, extra filter, slew rate limiter, sample and hold, etc. Also, no need to buy a powered case. So for $300 along with the MiniBrute you've got enough kit to do a lot of amazing stuff.

Thanks again. You have been very helpful and now I have a much better idea what to do. First examine the Minibrute and then buy modules one-at-a-time and learn them before next buy.
Several of the modules you recomended are new for me and they looks very interesting.