That's not what "frequency divider" means. In general it seems like a bit of a problem if users can't edit tags on manufacturer-approved modules, e.g. if new tags are added to the system.

Actually it's been a big pain for me, having to edit different modules because the uploader doesn't get how the tag system works. I just had to edit a new oscillator which includes an internal quantizing option because the manufacturer/uploader tagged it as "Quantizer" amongst other things.

Is it that difficult to understand that the tagging system is here to help finding modules based on their features and not to promote the features of a module? The question people should be asking themselves when uploading is "Can I use this as a [feature]?" not "Does the module contain a [feature]?". Sheesh.

Can we add a question above the tag area when a new module is created, or a message that prompts people not to over-do the tags? It's irritating.

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