Hello! I'm super new but very interested in building my first Eurorack for ambient/drone type of music. I'm doing some homework on this instrument but I'm looking for feedback. What do you think?

ModularGrid Rack

Hi there!

I am also new, however, the first thing I notice is the amount of space the Hermod sequencer takes up in such a small case. This could easily be solved by buying a bit of a bigger case, or moving the Hermod to a separate tabletop case...maybe the 4ms Pod case

I also see two different reverb units. Just starting out, I would say pick 1 of the 2.

This would then free up/create more space for another VCO to have more wave forms, another VCA, or modulation source of some kind. An envelope module would also be something to think about, a clock divider, or a utility module...such as something for logic or maybe a switch.

Thank you so much for the feedback!
I'll take a closer look to the modules you just told me about

Rather than planning it all out in advance, the best strat is often to get something like a 0-coast and a key step and then think about what you want to do that you cant do with that. You'll otherwise spend hours trying to pick modules based not on what you do need but on what you think you need.

Alternatively, get a key step and something like plaits (lots of tones with a built in vca), maths (envelopes, lfos, utilities) and warps (with parasites installed). Then worry about what else to get later -- e.g. if you always use the delay in Warps, get a delay...

Lots of good advice so far. Here's my take:

First, rackspace (HP) is expensive. If it's your first rack, you have the problem of trying to put together a core system that HAS to fit in your first rack. 1HP over and you're sh.. out of luck.

If you buy a bunch of stuff that doesn't make sense for your initial build you either have to take a loss selling redundant modules, stash them in the closet for later, or buy a bigger (or second) case.

So with that, let's start beating up on your rack. :)

First of all the Doepfer A-180-9 you won't need. You only have one rack. This module is great if you have a large set-up and patching from one case to another is a bit far. Right now, you don't need it. Get rid of it.

Second, the Doepfer Wasp filter. It goes for around $100 and has a specific sound. Have you heard it and you know it's the filter for you? Don't go cheap on your first filter. A more robust multi-mode filter is the way to go. The Intellijel Morgasmatron will serve you well as a first filter. In fact, it has TWO filters in it that can function in parallel, series, or independently. There are a few other nice bits about it and it has tons of modulation.

LFOs. You have two, a Doepfer and a 2HP unit. Both are pretty basic. Together they are 10HP. It's more expensive than both modules combined, but the Xaoc Butami has FOUR LFOs built in it. Spend the extra $60 and get the 3HP Poti expander. It's not absolutely necessary. But pulling the module and changing the jumpers is a real pain in the ass.

The Blue Lantern Level Fixit is fine. But since you're in a small case, I would replace it with a Zlob 6 channel VCA. A VCA will do the same job as the attenuator if used manually. But then you also have CV control of that attention. More expensive. But you can never have enough VCAs.

You'll need to buy a spring reverb tank to go with your spring reverb module. I would wait on adding a spring reverb unless it's something you really, really want now. You can always leave a space for it if you're not absolutely certain.

All of the Mutable Instruments modules are available as micro-version clones. If you find Michigan Synth Works in the module section, I believe they have all if not most of those modules in a much smaller form factor. MI doesn't make Clouds anymore so you either be buy a used Clouds or buying a clone. Check out the Monsoon version as it has more CV control than the original module.

Get a bigger case. No one likes shelling out money on a case. It doesn't make a sound unless you drop it. But for a first case, buy as big as you can afford. The resell value is better (because everyone who bought too small now needs a bigger case). You'll also be able to expand your system when you find a new module that you really need. I say need because Eurorack is addictive and your credit card will be calling your name in the middle of the night for that killer module.

Don't buy anything yet, in my opinion. You probably need at least two revisions to this rack before you populate it. When you do, be sure you have lots of extra space for future expansion. Keep posting updates here and we'll get you a first iteration that's usable and doesn't waste your money.