I´m new here and to modulars, so please be patient with me :). Is there a way to "favorite" modules or even put them on separate lists, like for example in the thoman webshop or on amazon? Would be nice to have a few lists like "want to buy next" "look for these used" "filter modules" etc.

I understand the "my collection" list as an inventory of what you own and the best idea I had so far is building racks for that purpose or oversize the one I´m planning to build and put the options in the spare rows.


A secondary "Wish List" tab would be great. So when building your virtual rack, there's Modules, My Modules, then My Wishlist.

I end up dumping anything I don't own and want to keep a tab on in "My Modules" then it gets flooded with stuff that I don't own.

I just make a rack for modules I want, and another rack for modules I'm more vaguely interested in, but probably won't buy any time soon.. Make them 12U, 128HP. Plenty of space for a wishlist - if you really need more than that, just add more racks.