If this module were simply five euclidean sequencers, it would be a damn solid module and an easy four stars. Instead, each channel can be used as a euclidean sequencer, clock divider, flop gate, multiplier, trigger repeater, clock source, or probability matrix— all for under $200! It's a veritable swiss army knife of clock and trigger tools, and complete with a sexy wood panel!
I'm normally not a fan of modules with menu systems ("If I want menus, I'll use a damn softsynth!") but the minimalistic presentation of the menu system for this module is completely unobtrusive to my normal workflow, and they even bundle a handy little cheat sheet that tells you the knob function for each mode. (I keep it taped to the base of my rack for easy reference.)
It features two clock inputs— one going to three output channels, and another going to two. You can also use the first input to clock all channels and use the Probability knob to add a little randomness to the latter two channels- or not. It's amazing the versatility you get from 6hp.
I bought this along with the Bastl GrandPa, expecting that I would be getting more use out of the GrandPa, but am finding the opposite to be true. I've had this module for two weeks, and can already hardly imagine a patch without it.

Post-Honeymoon edit: So I still really like this module and would probably never be without it, but I lately find myself wishing it had a Trigger Reset input— though I don't know where they'd put it since everything is so close together within 6HP. Oh well, I'd still highly recommend it.