New track! This one is really the essence of my efforts in eurorack. Simple melodic riff driven by some euclidean pulse, basic trip hop beat, straightforward bassline and a clean melodic line added after recording the patch.

This is what I do.

The main riff is Plaits played by René driven by a euclidean pulse from Pamela´s New Workout. It's kept interesting by loads of slow modulation, of course. Drums from the Elektron Rytm. The bassline is Make Noise DPO through Joranalogue Filter 8, sequenced from Ornament & Crime Sequins. The melody is played by hand on my brand new Arturia MicroFreak.

Nice one! Thank you for sharing the modules you used for this track. Do you have perhaps the rack here on ModularGrid that you used for this track, that would be interesting to see too.