I need a cheap non-spring reverb module.
Thinking of 2HP Verb or Erica Synths Pico DSP.
It does not have to be stereo.
Other suggestions?

It's the spring reverb that has no spring. The Purrvrrb is a digital emulation of a mono-in, stereo-out spring, but without the actual spring itself it's not subject to the issues that can happen (ie: feedback, noises from movement or impact, etc) to a true spring reverb. At $130, the price is great, plus the architecture of the module allows you to also use it to "stereoize" a mono signal. Also, this has a regeneration control, which allows the module to feed back on itself...which can be quite interesting depending on what you're feeding into it as well.

Seems to be a perfect choice for me!
But I have not found a seller yet. No hit at Schneidersladen but I keep on searching.

Try direct: https://www.facebook.com/purrtronicsmodular/

I find the 2HP reverb to be kind of meh...

As a utility reverb for a smaller part, it's fine. But due to the form factor you only get a handful of controls.

Another option would be the Expert Sleepers Disting if you just need some sort of utility quality reverb. Plus you get quite a few other effects to choose from. Under $200US.

Thanks for your opinion about 2HP that seems to be plausible.
I will buy Disting but as I will use reverb most of the time I think I need a dedicated module that just reverb.
Lugias tips about Purrvrrb seems so far to be the best solution for me.