Hello people,

the last days i have been trying to figure out a setup that i can do arpeggios/sequences, leads via the keystep, ambient/drone/pad sounds, and a really basic drum at the same moment with.

I somehow have the feeling, that this setup is really unbalanced and might not work. Also i am not sure whether or not the clock (tempi) can even trigger the pico drums module.

Also i feel like i am missing several things:

envelope generators, modulation sources, and utilities, while at the same time, i am overdoing it with the sound generative part of the setup. Nonetheless i love the moogish sound of the model d and wouldnt want to miss it for live performances due to its easily and fast accesible characteristics. On the other hand i love working with wavetables and see also the modulation potential of the 6 lfos in the SWN.

Any recommendations?

I would be very happy to get some feedback from you,



This is the more recent version of my draft, i would be very thankful for some feedback,


P.S.: It would be used with the Makenoise 7U Case, also i have lots of guitar effect pedals which i will go in through the rosie.

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