I'm in the middle of re-arranging everything and figuring out what I do/don't want. My main cases are a pair of Pod 48x's - and are represented in the first two rows here.

The first one is my "learn pressure points/brains" kit - it has a clock, pressure points and brains, and plaits, as well as giving me some output.

The second one will be my "learn mimetic sequent & clouds" kit -- this one isn't a powered 48x, and I'm really kicking myself for that - it's tempting to get another 48x that is powered, so that with freed up 4hp from the power supply I can put in the mutable ears (I've been playing with putting a case with ears on a piano, and letting ears's contact mic pickup feed into clouds -- I've built a small board that lets me use a standard sustain pedal to control freeze on clouds).

The fourth row is a set of 1U bits that I'm pulling together, I'm playing with making a custom 4U 60hp case - and these are going to be the feeder for that. The 4 hole "blank tile" is my sustain pedal -> gate adapter board I've made.

The third row is my "leftovers" - many of which aren't racked at the moment. These are the modules that I still need to figure out what to do with. I'm not sure I'm going to keep the TSNM - it's a fun controller to play with, but Pressure Points works better for my brain. Ditto the racked PO-32, especially now that I'm figuring out other ways to get rhythm stuff with the equipment in the first two rows. The rest of the modules are things that I may work back into the main cases at some point, but I'm really a fan of keeping the two small cases and working as much as I can out of that.

Future things that I think I want to add to my setup (once I come to terms with the fact that I might not be able to keep living in a pair of 48hp cases):

  • a distortion module - accidentally distorted output into my headphones playing around, and once I realized I was overdriving them and fixed that by running through a mixer/headphone amp, found myself missing the distortion.
  • other sound sources? I think I've been reading noise engineering's blog too much ...
  • filters - haven't really dug into these yet and feel like I should spend some time with them...
  • stereo fun bits - QPAS, X-Pan
  • modulators - Maths ... very high chance of this being my next module purchase, in fact
  • more LFOs - been considering a variety of quad-LFO options (I know I can use maths this way, but I want more options : )
  • maybe more logic utilities (that might be a fun chance to play with rolling my own)

(Also - throwing this here as much as a memo to myself as anything - I'm curious whether or not this will end up as a public post - here's to finding out!)

huh - that's fascinating/fun - Safari doesn't see posts here, but chrome does ¯\(ツ)

One of the main jokes amongst Mac users when Safari was introduced was that its primary use was to connect to Firefox's site to download a REAL browser. Nice to see that Apple's not bothered to change that... :p

Oh...and you can't mix Intellijel and "original" format tiles in the same 1U row. They're not exactly the same, despite what they might look like.

huh - that's fascinating/fun - Safari doesn't see posts here, but chrome does ¯\(ツ)
-- RDaneel

Looks good in Safari 12.1

I think Ornaments & Crime has been revamped by someone to work in a Pulp Logic 1U row. You might want to check it out. It may have been Temps Utile.

Noise Engineering just released three different 4U distortion modules. I see a lot of NE in your rack. I would check that out too.