Okay, so I'm a noob to modular (tho not to electronic music in General). I was watching a few videos on the random source serge dual universal slope generator and there was one in which the guy ran one envelope into the other and pulled off this double attack. It seems like this is possible to pull off on the endorphin grand terminal, but every time I try, all I get is that end of stage trigger click. Am I deluding myself or am I missing something? I use a furthrrrr generator as my main oscillator, patched to the "into the gates " input, run the bipolar output to the filter cutoff cv in and then run the end of stage output into the "check in" gate input on the second envelope,then run the other bipolar out into filter 2. One the video,he uses the trigger in instead of the main in and emphasizes there is no retriggering on the dusg , I've tried both eoc jumpers one of each, none at all.I feel like im missing something fairly basic. Heres the video video for reference https://youtu.be/qepmYUDa8