Disclaimer : I realized that I wrote a lot.
Long story short, which module would you recommend to pair with a 0-coast for self generating patches ?
Thanks in advance for your advices and time

Hi all,
New to the modular world (with a bassist background), the 0-coast hooked me up and I am now looking for a mess in a box...
What do I like to patch ?
I really enjoy drones and randomness which is the strength of modular systems for me, answering "How stochasticity would sounds ?"
However, I also like to play through MIDI with a Novation Circuit (Bassline and Drums) for techno-y tracks. I do not use a computer and I don't want to. Standalone as to be the keyword and I am only playing live (in my room tho).

The aim ?
Willing to fill a 84hp, I already have the MN 0-coast and a uZeus (35hp left then). Even if I loose space, the 0-coast will be racked because I like the idea of powering the rack and start patching. I also have a bass pedal used for delay and reverb but I am keen to replace it (Pico DSP, Disting?).
I am now looking for modules for self generating sequences but also able to modulate basslines for more conventional approaches.
I saw everywhere that the Disting MK4 is a good module for beginners in a way of finding what do you want next.
The Morphagene kept my attention for its granular capabilities and in a way, adding a voice through the sample record which make sense in a small system. The uClouds seems to be a good option too but its small buffer let me doubt about (already went trough the topic Morpha VS uClouds).
Important point, I am mainly playing with headphones. So far it worked well for 0-coast and pedal and when I add the circuit I use a mixer (Allen & Heath Zed 10) when I am not on the road. Does it make sense to integrate a mixer and headphone out to have a fully standalone case ASAP ?
How the 0-coast and another module (Morphagene for example) will deal with headphones ?
I am building my own rack so adding a second row of 84hp is not a problem (and I know it will arrive soon or later).
Important point : I want to buy modules ones after others to really understand what they are doing and how to trick them.

Any suggestion for implementation?
Some hints in order of priority as I see them:
Messing around : MN Morphagene, ES Disting MK4
Utilities : 2hp Mix + Pico Out, Intel Quad VCA + Pico Out
Filter : Doepfer Wasp, MIRipple
VCA : Intel Quad VCA, MI Veils (4th position even if you never have enough VCAs....)
Osc : NE Loquelic Iteritas
ADSR : Maths (looks like a great module but is it too redundant with the 0-coast?)
Sequencer : Metropolis, Rene

Side question : Can I use the Quad VCA at the same time as a mixer and a VCA ? For example, in1 is a vca and in2+3+4 are mixers ?

Here are example of a setup and sounds I really like

And the current rack idea :
nb. 6hp left because I don't know what I would need more afterwards...

Looking forwards !
ps : sorry for the bad english, I am brain....randomized after all those search (and somehow I like it...)