I got some more modules in my rack and have some on my wishlist for the next 6 months.

The upper row and left part of the second row (all to the Curtis Filter, which I could get for cheap)_are already in my possession, but the right part of the second row is my wish list (shor list).

Any idea's about those modules, in combination with the modules that I already bought ?

This in addition to my MiniBrute 2S, and a Dave Smith Instruments Tetra.
I am waiting for a AE Modular case with a delay module, and try to save every month a bit for a make noise 0-coast.
So I have not planned very expensive modules for the second halve of the year.
Even the plan to buy a make noise maths is put on hold to the first quarter of next year.

ps. I also added a 4ms - rotating clock divider to my wish list, but I do not see it in the image of this version of my rack yet.