Hi there, just wondering if there is a module that will delay cv signals, looks like Noise Reap Dub Delay will but seems hard to find in the UK, is there anything else out there? cheers for your help

Continuous signals like modulation, or stepped, as in VCO CVs? If the latter, the device you want is an analog shift register. Basically, it's a set of seriesed sample and holds: the first register locks in a CV value on a timing pulse, then on the second pulse that CV gets passed to the second register and a new CV gets sampled into the first, and so on. And since this uses basic clock timing pulses, whatever time base you want to use to obtain your step times would allow for a lot of flexibility for delaying the pass-on process. This won't work for anything that's a continuous voltage curve, however.

thank you Lugia, it is for delaying either the pitch or velocity signals from a DFAM's sequencer before they are sent to a quantiser in an attempt to get a 16 step sequence, I shall look at analogue shift registers, thank you for your time

Does the quantizer use a gate to sample the pitch? If so, it might be simpler to delay the gate - gate delays are quite common.

thanks that is an idea..

I would think a DC coupled digital delay set to 0% feedback could handle the job. Looks like I have an assignment to do when I get home tonight.

Thanks Ronin, please report back if you can!