So, I've been doing a lot of research, reading the forums, and I think I've got a good start on what I'm looking for in a modular setup.
I also have a Microbrute, so I have an additional LFO, Sequencer, etc.
I have all these modules in my cart ready to go (a lot of them are clones), but before I buy I just want to ask more experienced users some questions.
I think (or maybe hope) I can get a lot out of this in terms of ambient sounds, but I was wondering if there's anything I should change.
Is having 3 effect modules overkill? Should I be prioritizing more EGs, VCAs, LFOs, filters, or anything else? Are both Plaits and Rings REALLY needed?

I left room to grow, because modular :)
For future modules, I'm thinking another sequencer, such as Rene, another VCA or two, since you can't have too many, and uO_C and Maths seem like a great modules to have. Also, a powered mult would probably be a good thing to have. Let me know your thoughts and advice!
Thanks for being so helpful on the forums!

Hi Northnan,

You got a full planned rack there :-) Not a bit too full? As you indicated already, you might want to go for a few more classic components like oscillators, LFOs, VCAs, filters, etcetera. Difficult to say though. What exactly do you want to do with this? Especially without really knowing what you want, how would someone know if you would really need Plaits & Rings? :-)

Instead of a microbrute I got a Neutron and though yes, you can use some functionality of it, while I am waiting for some more modules to arrive, I am missing some of the basic components even though that could be (partly) realised with the Neutron. So you might want to look a bit more into that as well.

Good luck with the planning and the realisation and kind regards, Garfield Modular.

Thanks for the advice Garfield!
I'm looking to create an ambient/generative system (e.g. r beny/lightbath)
But, I've been doing more research and I think I'm getting a better idea of what I need to achieve that.

Here's the update!

It's still pretty full, but I'm saving a tiny bit of room and money this way :)
I figure I can always swap out future modules, too.

Good, now you got some spare space! If I would be you, I still would look into some classic components, otherwise extend with one more row :-)