So for a long time I have been thinking about getting into Modular synthesis. I’ve read a bunch about it and watched YouTube videos and feel like I am beginning to put the pieces together.

I love the sounds of LCD Soundsystem but I also love the sounds that The Field creates with his tracks, which could be described as atmospheric, minimal techno.

I guess I wanted to ask everyone if I am on the right track in trying to captures these sounds with the modules I have started to put together? And what else is out there that I am missing (loads I am sure)?

I was planning to get the Intellijel 7U case with the Audio I/O is always a great choice so I can grow over the years, and the Atlantis and a reverb module first to get to know those before expanding. I have an Arturia keystep which I can sequence through.

I’m pretty excited to start my modular journey and having this great community along for the ride is awesome!
Any advice is appreciated!