Hey All,

I've been slowly building up to Eurorack, looking to get into the more kind of weird West Coast synthesis, and recently discovered the Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Research Laboratory. This looks like a pretty good entry into the type of music/compositions I'd like to make. Right now I'm coming from a mix of the Microbrute, Neutron,some time wit the 0-Coast and VCV Rack.

For $1500 though, I could probably build up a pretty solid starter rack and emulate some but probably not all of the functionality included in the VRL. If anyone could provide guidance on whether or not the Voltage Lab is a solid entry point (for the price) or recommend Eurorack modules that could approximate the functionality similarly. I think some of this could be replicated with a complex oscillator, Maths, Hermod, Pressure Points, Marbles, filters and LFOs, and some sort of midi or Euro controller but I imagine that's nearing $2500+. At the same time, VRL also compresses this functionality into two 48hp modules which would help if/when I expand further. Thanks in advance for any help.

Voltage Research Laboratory:

Howdy! I’ve preordered a VCL so I can give you a report once it comes in September (if you’ll be delaying your purchase that long).

I think the devil is always in the details and it’s hard to say how good an unreleased thing is compared to things people have experience with. It obviously looked interesting enough for me to get, but I’ve already got a decent eurorack collection. I’m curious to hear it’s “unique” wavefolding circuit in action, as well as its analog twist on vactral LPG. I like how they’ve sprinkled random and utility things around the module too. A lot of the demo videos they’ve been posting haven’t really grabbed my ear, but a few of them REALLY sounded good, and I’m basing my expectations with how I’m thinking to utilize it more than how it’s being pushed (aka more controlled random than going too Subotnik).

I think for the money it’s a great package, but if you can wait until people get their hands on it and see what really shines (and what may fall a bit short of expectation), I think you’ll feel more confident either way.