Many users have reported that they can not longer see modules in their racks.
Also the module search function is not working like it should.

The reason is a new version of the Adblocker extension which blocks this Javascript file:


If you can whitelist the script everything should be working normal again.

Also, using a different browser just for MG might be a fix. I'm using...ugh...MS Edge on here now, and it's working like a champ, probably because Edge is just too feature-poor to be worried about JavaScript calls.

I have looked a bit deeper into the issue:
Different Adblockers mostly still use the same filter lists.
One list called EasyPrivacy​​​​​ blocks the Sentry script. That is a third party script which ModularGrid uses to log errors.
The main MG script stopped execution if the Sentry script was missing, that lead to the error of broken search and missing modules in racks.
The initialization of the Sentry script is now in a try/catch block, so I hope everything should be working fine, regardless of your chosen browser or adblocker.