Hey everybody

I’m new to modular and find all of this very confusing. I ideally want to build a rack to make downtempo techno ambient music but don’t know where to start. I currently have a Moog mother 32 and I guess what I’m asking is what would be the modules to start with to begin the journey towards that type of music?

Problem is, what you're saying you want to do on this modular you want is way too open-ended a description to work with. There's LOADS of possible modules that fit the criteria for that...as well as loads of other non-modular synths.

Trying to build straight-off is probably not the best place to start from zero, really. My suggestion would be to go and research what makes certain synths suitable for that sort of music. Once you've determined that, then you'll have a much better idea as to where you want to go. Also, look at other existing builds on here by experienced modular users, and see how they approach similar musical issues in their rigs. As you've probably noticed, this is a very complex topic, and one which doesn't have off-the-shelf answers. If you do your research and proceed carefully, you'll eventually wind up with a build that works, but it's worth noting that this could take months of exploration and rerererereREdoing builds on MG to arrive at something functional. But avoiding that level of diligence will almost certainly result in building an unworkable and expensive piece of crap that we'll eventually see on Reverb.

First thing... don't spend any money. There's no way to casually put together a rig and get something useful unless you get extremely lucky.

Second, go to https://vcvrack.com and download the FREE modular synthesizer software. There are virtual modules that you can pay for. But the vast majority of them are free.

Do you know what a VCO is?
Do you know what a VCA is?
Do you know what a VCF is?
Do you know what an EG is?
Do you know what a SEQUENCER is?

Can you make a simple monophonic synth out of that in VCV rack? Next make the same patch with an LFO modulating the cut-off frequency filter?

Keep experimenting with VCV rack. Watch beginners' tutorials on Youtube regarding Eurorack modular. Get proficient with VCV Rack. You can make ambient patches with VCV Rack as well. Almost all of the modules have equivalents in the real world. So you're not wasting time.

At this point you've still spent ZERO money.

Once you're comfortable, then start considering purchasing a Eurorack system.

Don't be over eager. Learn first.