I want to use empty Moog Mother-32 case for small set of modules. Probably 2 HP will be for power, so 58 HP left for modules. What is you suggestion for some interesting set? Not specific purpose at this time, I am just looking for inspiration. I plan to use mostly 2hp modules, but not necessary.

Thank you.

No such thing as a 2 hp wide power supply module exists at this time. There are some that were out a while back, but you'll notice that the manufacturers discontinued them due to revisions that made these modules larger. There's also a concept module from Endorphin.es, but it's not in production...nor does it have an on/off switch, which is unadvisable.

Another issue with the Moog cases are module depths. These don't have an even depth to them across the entire backplane, so there could be issues with modules not fitting. And with many of the 2hp modules coming in at 42mm depth, that's cutting it close.

Just leave the M32 in its own case, where it has its own power supply (which many Eurorack modules cannot use, btw, as it only provides +12V) and where its housing is already bought and paid for. Not wanting to beat a dead horse here, but housing something that already HAS a housing in a Eurorack case isn't cost-effective nor a good use of space.

Lastly...using teensy-weensy modules all jammed together with very little clearance between them and really tiny controls is pretty difficult unless you have fingers the size of toothpicks. Not fun. You may want to reconsider this "jam cab full of 2hp modules" idea...

Thank you for your answer. You are probably right, it does not looks like good idea.

just to re-iterate - get the biggest case that you can see yourself filling over a year or 2 or 3

generally this will be at least 6u and 84hp

mostly this is as a long term money saving strategy - I know it might not seem it in the short term

generally the best bang for buck (cost/hp) is the tip top mantis - which is a great case, although some dislike the aesthetics - but not as much as I hate the rackbrute

doepfer and ladik both make very useable, inexpensive modules that are not tiny and have real knobs on them - but are generally bigger than 2hp and often cheaper than the 2 hp equivalent

the 2hp modules are great - for sticking between larger modules - if there is enough space to get to them easily - tbh I find the same issue with a lot of 4 hp modules too

just take a look at the 2hp youtube videos - they've almost always got blank panels between the modules