I’m thinking about experimental drum patterns.
I already got drum modules, delay, reverb and random units and i’d like to use a filter on final drum stereo outputs..what kind of filter can i use to have something of special?
At this time my choice is for a “Makenoise QPAS”..
Thanks a lot for your help!

Since I am building a similar rack I am also interested in some stereo filtering capability.
The Overseer by WMD seems to play well with drums since it gives you that DJ-style filter sweep https://www.modulargrid.net/e/wmd-overseer
Otherwise, Endorphin.es is soon releasing the Squawk Dirty which has 8 filter modes as well as a hi-pass filter in series https://www.modulargrid.net/e/endorphin-es-squawk-dirty
Now I haven't used any of these, but they seem pretty suitable for drums, they take less hp and are less pricey. The QPAS may be more versatile and open up experimentation a bit more, but if I understand correctly you wouldn't use multiple outputs for instance.
I'm waiting for some user reviews of the Squawk Dirty before I pull the trigger, but it just seems to be super versatile for the price.

The Intellijel Morgasmatron works well as a dual filter. One channel has an overdrive and the other has a phase flip. Other than that they are identical in function. It would work well for stereo processing of your drum mix yet still be quite useful for traditional applications including self oscillation (useful for creating kick drums, etc.).