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Is there a particular power consumption/+12v power requirement I am not seeing here? Having two Row Power feels like overkill to me. If you do not already have the case with the Row Power modules, I would recommend a case such as a Tiptop Mantis, Doepfer, or perhaps the EricaSynths monster case. This would free up some hp and give you room for another VCA, or maybe a wavefolder/waveshaper module of some kind.

Is there a particular power consumption/+12v power requirement I am not seeing here?
-- mistakeets

There's a power consumption requirement you're not seeing here.

If the 4ms Row Power 30 only supplies 1500 mA on the +12V rail, the lower row is close to 1000 mA. Then the upper row is about 500 mA. If you used just one Row Power 30, you would be very close to the maximum allowable current for that P/S...when in normal operation. Not only is that not good (lots of heat, component stress, etc) for the P/S, there's also the question of inrush current levels at start-up, which would almost certainly exceed the +12V rail's rating for milliseconds. Doesn't sound like much...but it only takes milliseconds of excessive loading to wreck the P/S and potentially cause chaos to anything connected to that +12V rail.

As this stands now, the lower row runs at 2/3rds of the Row Power 30's capability, leaving 1/3rd of capacity as headroom for inrush loads...and this is about right, although you could go up to 1/4th of capacity as that headroom buffer and still be safe. But there's no way that you'd get away with powering BOTH rows from the same Row Power 30 if you factor that inrush into current, yes, that's actually done right.

Thanks for the posts regarding power. I wanted to err on the side of caution as a beginner. Plus i made the case myself and didnt feel confident with installing power, so this seemed like the best option for now. I read that i should look at having a 'beefy' power supply to have plenty of headroom, hence the 2 row powers. So far i have only 1 row installed and am taking it slowly learning as much as possible about each module. and Wow! what a fantastic journey, modular is amazing.
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