Here is a my current setup:

ModularGrid Rack

I use this setup in an Intellijel 7U 104 HP Case. I mainly use an Arturia Beatstep Pro for sequencing, also I am not really into generative approaches currently (in future maybe yes?...). Basically I use it as an monophonic synth (Furthrrrr + ADSR + filter) with extra voices (Twin Waves + LXD). As the title says I am looking for a random source offering CV for modulation and also triggers/gates and sample and hold. I would like the random source to be accessed directly (no/minimum menu diving) and "played" live in jams.

Currently I am looking into:

  • MakeNoise WoggleBug

  • SSF Ultra-Random Analog

  • Mutable Marbles (this one has no SampleAndHold?).

Which one would you suggest? Are there other modules maybe even better in this setup? Synergies? Ideas?

Marbles is all about sample-and-hold, actually, and what you can do to tamper with the degrees of randomness to various extents. It would be my pick, and would pair nicely with the Noise Tools Intellijel tile.

Hi Lugia

Thank you as always.

Actually the marbles and the clouds were the very first modules I noticed when I started my interest in modular system about a year ago. I have got the clouds clone uBurst by Michigan Synthworks already.

I must say I am little disappointed by the uBurst. This might be because of the way I use the setup (mainly sequencing melodies) and also because of it's tiny knobs in comparison to the original (especially pitch...). I am only using it in very few of my patches.

But I just saw the marbles review of DivKid again and remembered why this was so interesting. One question about the marbles: I understand it uses sample and hold to produce it's randomized CV-Out. But as far as I see it is not possible to use a external signal into marbles sample and hold?

Also the combination with Inetllijels noise tools looks interesting for noise sources (marble doesn't have any?) and additional slew.

I am not sure if this is what you mean, but you can send a trigger into the right-hand-side "clock" jack on Marbles to externally trigger the s&h for all three random CVs.

It would be interesting for me to use any CV signal, for example a simple sine by an LFO (or something more complex) and feed it to the sample and hold or marbles. So for example every time the t1 gate of marbles is triggered, the -5V to 5V sine signal by the LFO is sampled (eg. 3,2 V) and hold until the next time t1 is triggered. For me this would be the main purpose I am looking for in my setup. As far as I know WoggleBug and also Noise Tools do this.

*Edit: typos
*Edit2: Of course the SaH of marbles internal CV generation function is also awesome, but in the beginning I was looking for something perhaps more simple for sample and hold of CV modulation I already have in the rack.

Qu-Bit Chance seem also interresting.

Since you have Batumi, the expert firmware add a bank of 4 random waveform.

Alt Firmware 1.1 : https://github.com/xaocdevices/batumi/releases/tag/alt-v1.1

I recently read Batumi can do this, yes. Thanks a lot for the source. In fact random Batumi into Intellijel Noise Tools might be a cheap and simple solution for what I am searching. Perhaps I will upgrade later with marbles. Sounds good, thanks!

Two thoughts about sample and hold of external CVs: You could just get a dedicated s&h module. I have 2hp "s&h" next to Marbles, for exactly this reason. Also, take a look at Verbos' "Random Sampling". It has an ASR that allows you to sample external CVs (I have never used this module, though)

The Noise Tool from Intellijel is perfect for what you want. It includes a sample & hold circuit. It's normaled to the white noise section but you insert your own source and triggers. It also has a built in clock that can be set to random triggers as well. It has plenty of features and is as non-menu divey as you can get. I believe you have space for it in your 1U row. I have one and it's a very useful utility module.