First of this is what I've came up with.

The goal of this system is it should be capable of doing entiere sessions without any additional gear and maybe live capabilities.
This is not to say other gear does not exist but I have to redecorate and the appeal of using this from the couch is quite nice.
ModularGrid Rack

Already purchased

  • MiniBrute 2S
  • Z4000 VC-EG
  • Quattro Figaro
  • Startup
  • Skis II

Certainly want

  • Nerdseq & IO Expander
  • CalTrans
  • Twin waves
  • Filter 8

I really like the flexibility of the Nerdseq, CalTrans is for convenience and Twin waves & Filter 8 are my "desert island" choices for VCO & Filter

I think it's the best choice for me

  • Entity Bass Drum Synthesizer
  • M303
  • Basimilus Iteritas Alter

Entity & M303 for fast and easy familiar sound and IA because it could fill in for the rest of the percussive voices.

What I do like about Entity & M303 is that they both have their niche usage but have enough output jacks to be used differently.

IA sadly does not have any patching capability besides CV & gate but since it can produce all the remaining percussion I do not have the space for in the patch I guess it's forgiven.

Not sure

  • Monsoon (vs Mimeophon / Disting mk4 & Pico DSP)
  • TIMBER (vs Ultrafold)
  • COLD MAC (vs Maths / FALISTRI / Rampage)
  • Döpfer A-132-8 Octal VCA (depends on the rest, already have 6 vcas in the bastl stuff but I would like to have more)

Certainly would want similar functionality from different modules but also something has to go if so.

First, do I really need 14 vcas? Maybe not, but I'd rather not run out. I'd like to have 10 at least.

Then the issue with Maths or no Maths:

Against: I already have a VC-EG and the Nerdseq can generate complex modulations on it's own.
For: Just in case, and I would have to live without a Slew Limiter
I'm also not sure of which of the 3 big Function Generator modules would be the best Synergy with the system I have.
Overall I have 6x trigger & 12x cv from the nerdseq and 1x trigger & 4 cv from the Minibrute
There is one clock divider in the startup
2x LFOs & 2 EG from the Minibrute
Twin waves & Filter 8 can also be used as LFO on crunch time.

The Effects & Granular stuff

Although I quite like the sound of dry synth I don't really swear by it. But I could let it go and just use a Disting mk4 & Pico DSP for whatever.