After good advice from Lugia, Ronin and others I have started my first Eurorack. The base is a Minibrute 2S that I have completed with some modules.
ModularGrid Rack
Marbles and Plaits have been a very good combination and is so far the foundtion for most of my patches. But they are a little bit to ”percussive”. What I want is a sound source that can give me kind of sweeping strings and droning organs for ambient type of tunes.
I would be very glad for some suggestion how to achieve that.
Maybe some kind of complex oscillators or esotheric filters?

Actually, have a look at Recovery's Jupiter Spirits. This is a quad VCO module based around the CEM 3340 chip, designed to hit the general area of classic analog polysynth sound generation. The waveforms it outputs are triangle (great for the more organ-ish sounds) and saw (typical string synth waveform). Easy to use, relatively small, and doesn't cost a pile of $$$. You could follow this with something like Intellijel's Quad VCA, also, which would allow you not only to mix the VCOs down to a single signal, it would let you use modulation sources to vary the four VCO levels; if you use a quad LFO in conjunction with this, you could put all four VCO outputs in continuous asynchronious shift against each other...definitely an ambient sort of thing there.

Once again, thanks for the advice!
As I understand my Veils is pretty similar to Quad VCA?
As I already have at least 4 independent oscillators and kind of 4 LFO:s in my rack I think I can test your suggestions in my existing rack before I buy the dedicated modules you suggest.

To experiment with "sweeping strings and droning organs" have you tried turning down the tempo on Marbles and using a longer envelope on Plaits (I think you adjust the envelope with left button + morph, but it is in the manual)? Run some slow modulation (either directly from Marbles or through the slew) to the oscillator, and see where that takes you.

If that doesn't do it, I would look at a reverb / looping delay effect (I don't remember, if the Disting does that)

Longer envelopes in Plaits was a good advice. Thanks!