I made a monophonic melody voice patch based on the Cš-L, controlled by the MicroFreak, for a track we're working on and I really liked just noodling around with it so we recorded me doing just that for a couple of minutes. Has a note of Swedish folk music here and there.

Patch notes:

The Arturia MicroFreak sends 1v/o to the Instruō Cš-L second oscillator input. The first oscillator is hard synced to the bottom oscillator and the touch output from the MIcroFreak goes to the first oscillators pitch input which gives me the opportunity to create nice, slightly harsh sync pitch sounds based how much skin I put on the touch plates. One Mutable Instruments Stages channel is set to LFO mode and controls the amount of FM that is applied to the two oscillators (linear FM on the first oscillator and exponential on the second). A medium paced triangle LFO from the Takaab 3XLFO is sent to the first oscillator's FM input.

The Cš-L sends the ringmod output and the second oscillator square wave to the Doepfer A-135-2 VCA where they are mixed. The gate output from the MicroFreak is sent to Stages that has been setup like a classic ADSR. The Stages ADSR is sent to the two A-135-2 channels.

The mixed output from the A-135-2 is sent to Xaoc Devices Belgrad that is set to the lowpass + bandpass mode. The cutoff is set just shy of 12 o'clock and the resonance just past. The level is set to maximum and Tito is set to SM which gives the resonance a textured sound. A medium paced triangle LFO from 3xLFO is sent to the FM input and two slow triangle LFOs are sent to Balance and Span.

Finally the sound is sent to Metasonix R-56 that has a rather low input and rather mild wet setting. It mainly adds a cozy spring reverb touch but when the sound goes up in volume it also adds a bit of distortion on the top.