List of purchases + sales,.,..

I have: the envelope generator, the sampler, the S+H

List: buy the bigger case, just to have. slowly buy the music maker as alerts for akemie, lxd, metropolis, pamela first, hopefully in that order, transferring to the new case when I have the first two or three. when I have them all, sell outs, and set up alerts for mimeophon and vcamatrix.

$ Akemies castle (normal loudest sounds to morphagene, modulations from sputnik, for sound design, maybe by enveloping SOS) 540new

$ LxD (enveloped with the sputnik, likely buy alongside metropolis) 110new

$ Metropolis (using its own clock, maybe sequence length modulated by sputnik, to make melodies) 580new

$ Pamela's new workout (to take some of the effort off of the sputnik) 275new

-$ sell Outs (to get some money for the next two purchases, and also because its too small to be used as a mixer separating lxd and morph anymore, especially with the next additions) could get 50-60

$ Mimeophon (its more outs! hooray! Lol. honestly a gamechanger for aesthetic and longer effects) 400new
$ VCAMatrix (the mixer! allows for a lot to be happening and still sparseness) 375new

if i can get a deal on half of them, purchases are:
2280 x 0.75 = 1710 + 590 for case is 2300 - 50 for outs is 2250 - 100 for modulairemaritime is 2150 which is basically 2k!