As for modular synths my main source of information so far has been youtube, but sometimes I’d rather read an article than watch a 20 min video, but the only blog with up to date information and interesting articles I know is’s Signal.

What is your source of information and how do you keep up to date with module releases and music production news? Is there any website / blog or app that I should know about?

Also, how do you learn about modular synth artists and new music releases?

It seems like forums and youtube are the most useful resources for information on eurorack modules and discovering artists and releases.
These forums are indispensable:
Muffwiggler (
Gearslutz (

These youtube channels are essential:
Divkid - the monk of modular, Ben is the go-to source for everything modular.
MylarMelodies - great tutorials, recent focus on playing live, Host of "Why We Bleep".
Learning Modular - The best tutorials!
Future Music Magazine
Synth DIY Guy
Color My Sound
Comparative Irrelevance
Modular Podcast - Divkid's other "podcast" (by which i mean that the episodes are best watched as opposed to listened to)

There are several podcasts out there, all of which are worth listening to:
Esoteric Modulation (
Podular Modcast (
Why We Bleep (
SysEx Dumpster (

I know that I strayed a bit from your original question; these sites (besides Wiggler and GS) aren't always concerned with what's new or brightest in eurorack. But as someone who just recently began building their first modular synth, these were the places I've found to be the most informative. I have seen a stray module review in Sound On Sound magazine. And although I've yet to read an issue myself, there are two brand new magazines out there:
Waveform Magazine: (
Synth and Software (

Artists and releases are your typical underground music affair. You have to put in work to discover what's out there. Pick an artist you like and dig, dig, dig. :-)

Hey thanks for the links,

I'm a big fan of MylarMelodies and Divkid, I already knew about the Why we bleep podcast but I wasn't aware of Esoteric Modulation and I'm enjoying it a lot.

Yeah, Esoteric Modulation is a nicely crafted show. It’s extremely informative and a real pleasure to listen to. As for writings about modular synths, there was one blog I forgot to mention:

Articles appear as infrequently as you’d expect from a personal blog, but everything I’ve read has been interesting.

Thanks again Footage,

That blog is very interesting indeed.