If you haven't seen this, you probably need to: http://www.synthtopia.com/content/2019/09/13/buchla-100-series-modular-synthesizer-sneak-preview/

No, that's not the Red Panel remake...this is a redo of the original 100 series, aka the "Buchla Box". Vide...

Hi Lugia,

Yes interesting indeed! Though... if I am not mistaken this is not Eurorack compatible so... are you suggesting we sell our Eurorack stuff and go for Buchla ;-) ?

Would be nice to have it tested once it comes out and available.

Kind regards, Garfield.

Very interesting indeed! thanks for sharing Lugia.

Go with Buchla? Well...it does fit here on MG, although there's no word from Buchla USA as to how much the SFTMC system's going to cost. But it's Buchla, so I'd suggest that people start filling up dumpsters full of money now!

Also worth noting: this contains a bunch of things that currently aren't in the Red Panel lineup.