Anything you'd change in 2hp? Nerdseq and Plaits needs to stay in

What are you hoping to accomplish with this build? Will it work? Yes. But it's an expensive solution for meager results.

I thought it would be a simple synth phrase machine( through those patterns ) but I’m open to anything....I’m willing to swap the nerdseq with a powerful arpeggiator ( if you can come up with an idea).

It’s my first rack, so I thought it should be relatively simple but also sequencing for a bit more fun.

I’m open to suggestions in that regard.

Well, there's nothing wrong with any of the modules that you've picked out. But for the few that you've picked out, your results aren't going to be that great.

My suggestion would be to learn a bit more about Eurorack so you can plan a rack that has some capabilities and can give you some value for the money that you're spending. You'll have to spend more as the first $1000 to $2000 into Eurorack doesn't get you very far.

If you haven't already, try VCV Rack. It's a free Eurorack simulator for your Mac/PC. Learn a bit more then put together a more robust design.

Sounds wise! I will definitely tryout more and build my way in. Appreciate!