Hi everybody!

So I just started my system one month ago with a selection of modules which you can see here:
ModularGrid Rack

I plan to use it with my Octatrack as a sequencer and effects processor so i can focus on a full two voices synth on the modular. The A-190-4 will be replaced by a Mutant Brain for that. I try to make hypnotic like techno with inspiration from Prince of Denmark, Daniel Avery, Benjamin Damage and others. My goal is to have a powerful one voice synth I can use in the studio for sound design and recording stuff with the Octa, and being able to use it as two simpler voices when playing live, with all drum sounds handled by the Octatrack. The sequencer on this machine is super powerful with arps, polyrhythms, sequences combining, probability, Velocity and you can even use LFO on all this, so I don't think I will a modular sequencer.

At this point, I think I want to add a second oscillator to the setup, maybe one or two modifiers like a LPG and/or a wavefolder, utilities like a mult, some attenuverters, a mixer, maybe a logic module, a quantizer and maybe another modulator but I'm not sure I need one as I find Stages super powerful already.

I was thinking:
-Disting to cover the utility needs (Menu diving doesn't seem fun but bank 1 seems to be packed with so many useful functions I feel I'd be shooting myself in the foot not adding it)
-Shades or 3x MIA or O/A/x2 as a mixer/attenuverter

What do you think of these choices? Do I absolutely need a wavefolder or can I live without a dedicated module? Do I need this extra mixer/attenuverter? Is LxD a sufficient low pass gate? Should I keep the a-106-5? Would you buy another VCO? Would you add another modulator to the setup?

Also, if I do all this I am left with 4hp in my current system, what would be a useful 4hp addition to this? A clock divider? Sequencial Switch? Ring modulator?

ModularGrid Rack