I've been thinking about making an awesome, powerful lunchbox... Something both playable and generatively patchable. This current plan might be a bit too claustrophobic (kind of worried about that), but it sure seems to have the power I'm going for. I'm trying to stay away from modal modules (eg. Peaks, Disting, etc) though the mk.3 Disting and at least one EON might have to be there anyway... so small and useful!

The Function is the biggest module in there, but I think it's damn useful... Some vc'd envelope/LFO action seems like a good idea, right?

The only module I'm really unsure of is the Brainseed. I've never used one so I'm not sure if I'd get along with it, nor am I sure that even if I did get along with it that it'd be of much use in this lunchbox.


I should note that musical styles I'm picturing are pretty chill... Some drone, some Berlin school...