I am in the process of building a system from scratch. I am new to modular.
I play old school hard tekno to hard core.
Main reference is Spiral Tribe.
As a start, I was thinking of purchasing the complete Tekno System from Erica Synths.
Any advice? Right machine? What shall be added?
Intention is to play live...and why not pressing vinyl!

The question that's most relevant here would be "how much experience do you have with synthesizer programming?" If the answer is "not much" or something along those lines, I'd strongly suggest getting experience with either VCV Rack (a virtual Eurorack environment, free to DL at ) or a more basic patchable (there's quite a few of these, ranging from the inexpensive Behringer Neutron up thru pricier options such as the Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Lab) and figuring out how to get the sounds you want in those before hurling a large sum of money into the void. Fact is, if you don't have fairly strong programming chops before moving to a full modular, you might as well be buying a pricey wall decoration, because it's extremely easy to get poor results under those circumstances.

Equipment doesn't fix things that you need to work on your chops on. Keep that in mind.