Fuck yeah

Go on, show us an example patch. You can create rudimentary oscillators and filter type effects with a Maths unit. You can do more than decorate with them.

I only have one Maths...maybe soon two. While I don't have the money to shell out for a whole rack of Maths, man would I want to play with such a thing. Could probably have 2-4 at audio rates (I suppose 2 if you don't have a mixer), and the rest LFOs and LFOs modulating other LFOs. I dunno...give me the rack and I'll give you some patches

The Maths can be pressed into being a four channel mixer if you set channels 1 and 4 to a neutral setting then take the mix output. Maths can cycle into audio frequency range. If you modulate either of the slopes the rate will speed up or slow down (change pitch).