I think I've settled on going with a smaller first system and using the Rackbrute 3U combined with the Minibrute 2S. I've read that the I/O on the Minibrute 2S leaves some gaps in controlling modular. I'm new to this so I don't really understand what I'd need to supplement this setup. I am not married to any of the synths in this rack other than the Syncussion SY-1 clone voice. I'll take any and all other suggestions on what to swap out for what's here so I can create something that my other desktop synths won't do and can be used live alongside the Minibrute 2S. I have drum machines and a digitakt to sequence all the other stuff but want this to be both live and a studio jam tool. I'm not 100% sure if the mixer I have in here will help me get audio out and back into the minibrute to then output to my audio card, and mixing console.

So, you see - I know nothing but want to get started. Help a brother out.