I am new to Modular Grid and Eurorack. Spent the last few months researching and have put together a preliminary rack.
Would love to get some expert advice on any negatives I am not seeing. Maybe unnecessary crossover between modules etc. Right now I just have the case and 1u modules.
Musically, I want to have as many options as I can. I am also pairing this with my Lifeforms SV-1.

how are you sequencing v/oct? maybe something to address that - otherwise, a small utility mixer, a couple of attenuators (2hp) and a disting mk4 would be my votes to just plug the physical gap and (any) gaps in functionality

I'd be tempted to go with a smaller mixer - you've got relatively little to mix for audio

the best advice is to go for as little as possible

maybe just get stages, the filter, plaits and the quad vca to start with and add a disting - and a sequencer if you need it

play the hell out of them and learn as much as you can about each module - try using different disting algorithms to see what they do and think about why you might want them. or not as the case may be - if you find yourself using the same one constantly then buy a module for that mode and use disting for something else

First up, move the I/O jack pair modules to the ends of the 1U row and co-locate their functional modules there. This gets these cables out of the way of the patchpanel. Then dump the buffered mult, since you've really not got anything here that requires it; use some inline mults or stackcables instead to save space, and this would open up a bit more 1U space for something like Intellijel's reverb tile.

Reconsider your module ordering here, keeping your SV-1 in mind. Try and lay out the 3U modules in a similar manner to the SV-1, since this will make crosspatching the two systems a bit more intuitive. In other words: Steppy is left, then Plaits, Filter8. Above this (or close to it), relocate the clock/S&H/slew tile, since all of those are needed at left. After this, place modulation: Batumi, Function, Stages. The Mutamix should be at far right.

I'm presuming your MIDI interfacing is via the SV-1, so stacking that close by the Steppy, Plaits, clock, etc will be helpful.

Now for the bad news: you have no VCAs here save for the one (semi-dedicated) on the SV-1. Part of this is due to the mixer you've chosen; the Mutamix can automate mutes...but NOT levels since it has no CVs. You can add a Linix, since the Mutamix is designed to connect to that via a backplane connection. I wouldn't do that, though, since now we're talking about a 34 hp module pair that costs over $600. A much better choice would be a Toppobrillo Stereomix2...which then allows you voltage control over levels on each channel, panning on each, AUX send on each, a CUE send, AUX send/return for effects, etc...AND it costs $479 and fits in 24 hp. This then takes care of your audio VCAs, plus stereolocation, bringing FX in and out...but you also need a couple of VCAs for CVs and modulation signals so that you can control their amplitude as well. So, back to Intellijel and their uVCA2...a pair of summable DC-coupled VCAs with adjustable response. That should do the trick in only 6 hp.

Now...consider adding a waveshaper, perhaps. Tiptop's Fold Processor will add quite a bit of timbral variation, particularly if you route the Plaits through the SV-1's mixer to combine it with its VCOs, and then into the Fold before filtering. The Fold also gives you a suboctave generator...great for creating very destructive bass!

If you were to lose anything from the 3U modules here, it probably should be the Make Noise Function. For one thing, you have a dedicated EG in the SV-1. Secondly, there are smaller two-stage EGs out there, and you can probably jam that same sort of function into a smaller space with something like an ALM Pip Slope (4 hp), Erica PICO EG (3 hp), or a 2hp EG (2 hp...obviously!). Done right, you can cram all of the additional modules above into this 4U cab and it should just fit!

Hi Guys,
Thank you for all the information. I have made some changes as recommended so please let me know what you think.
I should have been more specific and mentioned that the SV-1 is the Blackbox addition so it is not in the 104hp case.
It is a basic bread and butter case I know...so far anyway, so any further functionality tips is appreciated.
I am currently watching the Chris Mayer "Learning Modular" tutorials which have been very helpful but he only covers so much, right.